There is nothing quite like a still photograph to tell a story in a single moment. Over the course of my career I've worked with clients such as The New York Times, National Geographic, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, Marie Claire, and the United Nations Development Fund in countries around the world. If you've got a story that needs powerful imagery, I'd love to hear from you. 

Selected Projects

A River, So Long

The Mekong River stretches for 5000km through the heart of Southeast Asia and is the source of life for more than 60 million people. Follow this two year journey from sea to source.


Reforesting the Boreal

A formative experience for many young Canadians, tree planting is a remote, rugged, and, for the right kind of person, one of the best summer jobs imaginable.


Garden of the Americas

The Almolonga Valley in Guatemala is the source of vegetables for many Central American nations. But the influence of foreign chemical companies and the needs of the farmers have created a paradise drenched in toxins.


Leyte Gold

For many on the southern Philippine island of Leyte, illegal gold mining is the only source of income. Despite the dangers they head into their tunnels every day in the hope of striking it big.